Rubio Gonzalez



Rubio Ramiro Gonzalez was born in Fullerton, CA but raised in Pomona, CA. His grandparents came from Zacatecas and Jalisco, Mexico to this country as part of the WWII “Bracero” Program. His family raised him in a farm worker/factory worker household with an emphasis on higher education. He has been a Pomona resident for over 35 years and is a proud alumnus of the Pomona Unified School District having attended Kellogg Elementary and graduated from Ganesha High. During middle school he commenced his journey of employment as a newspaper delivery boy. In high school, Rubio was involved in many student clubs and began his volunteer work as well. This is also where he learned to become an effective activist and organizer. He has multiple degrees, earning a Bachelors in English from Cal Poly Pomona and a Masters in Anthropology from Cal State Fullerton. Rubio is finishing up both the Teacher Credential program and a Master’s in Education at the University of La Verne. While attending Cal Poly Pomona he worked as a tutor for the Pomona Unified School District as well as several campus departments including: Financial Aid, EOP, Institutional Research and Planning, the Native American Student Center and Alumni Affairs. As the coordinator for the Native American Student Center he founded the Native American Graduation Ceremony and coordinated other types of event programming. As a student he was involved in many campus organizations, including M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) and the ACACIA Fraternity. This is where he developed multiple cultural, political professional and social networks that have guided him in life’s journey.

He began his career as an educator with the Pomona Unified School District where he continues to work. Rubio has also worked for several school districts in California and Texas, including Los Angeles Unified, Chaffey Joint Unified, Montebello Unified, El Monte Unified, Northside Independent, Northeast Independent and the School of Arts and Enterprise in Pomona. As an educator for over 15 years he has learned to adapt to multiple cultural and social environments. He has worked with every grade-level of student from Kindergarten up through Adult Education. He also worked as a labor coordinator and community organizer for the Southwest Public Worker’s Union. His upbringing in Pomona has directly impacted his present status as a community leader. He evolved from a student organizer in M.E.Ch.A. into a community activist throughout several counties. Rubio has been a civil rights activist for his entire adult life. His other passion is to preserve and promote local historic sites. He has been an active board member of the Historical Society of Pomona Valley since 1997. He served as a Historic Preservation Commissioner from 2013 through 2016. Prior to being elected to public office, Rubio sat on multiple community boards throughout the city to enhance the quality of life for Pomona residents, including: Lion’s Gate Shelter for Men, Pony United Youth Baseball League, Historical Society of Pomona Valley, Pomona Valley Democratic Club, Ganesha High School Site Council and the Arroyo Elementary School Site Council. Rubio has also volunteered countless hours to other organizations and committees such as the Pomona Valley Film Society, P.A.T.H. (Homeless Site Lobby), the Latino/a Roundtable, the Cesar Chavez Park, and the United Voices of Pomona. Rubio continues to volunteer for events like Pomona Beautification Day, National Night out, The G.R.E.A.T. Campout and his very own Pomona Kite Festival.

Never seeking honors, he has nevertheless been recognized by the Pomona Unified School District with the 2015 Community Service Award. He was also recognized as a Social Justice Honoree by the Latino/a Roundtable in 2016. He received a Pomona Goddess award for his service through 2016 as a Historic Preservation Commissioner where he served as Vice-Chair. Rubio has written multiple books, including the self-published children’s book Tochtli: The Story of a Mexica Boy. As part of a collaboration, his research was published in Handbook to Life in the Aztec World. He has several unpublished works such as The Caxcan Identity, A Brief History of Aztlan and Nezahualcoyotl: The Warrior Poet Prince of Ancient Mexico. He is said to be working on A History on Modern Pomona. He resides in the west side of the city where he was raised and has been consistently involved in the community for over 20 years. His wife Lorena is a former Miss Pomona and also grew up here, having attended Marshall Middle, Ganesha High and Cal Poly Pomona. They have three children: Nezahualcoyotl Rubio attends Ganesha High School, Meztli Esmeralda attends the School of Arts and Enterprise while Axayacatl Joaquin attends Arroyo Elementary. As a family unit they too are involved in community organizing events and follow their father’s approach of leading by example. Rubio was elected to office in November of 2016.