our land 4In 2014 PVPA completed a $104,000 improvement to the San Antonio spreading grounds constructing the Pit#6 By-Pass Channel Modifications to direct storm water to Pit#5 for ground water recharge. This project was fully funded by PVPA.

Six Basins Watermaster commenced development of the Strategic Water Resource Management Plan for the Six Basins. This planning effort includes developing a new groundwater hydraulic model and potential future water projects to improve local resource availability and optimize groundwater aquifer basin management practices. PVPA continues to annually add supplemental funds to support the development of this management tool, which results in reduced water assessment benefiting basin parties. This project is underway and scheduled for completion later in 2015.

In 2012 PVPA undertook reconstruction of three recharge basins on the San Bernardino County side of the San Antonio spreading grounds, which were damaged by significant rain events in 2010. These three basins are located downstream from the water turnout structure near the base of San Antonio Dam. This $623,000 reconstruction project was implemented by PVPA and funded by the combination of a grant from the Federal Office of Emergency Management Services (FEMA), local funds from Six Basins Watermaster and PVPA.